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Panel at the Afrikanistentag in Bayreuth

Katharina and Birgit organised the panel “Popular Culture and Translocality – Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Africa and its Diaspora” at the 21. Afrikanistentag in Bayreuth with presentations by

James Ogone: “Intra-national Ethnic Diasporas: Popular Culture and Mediated Translocal Spaces in Kenya”

Jules Mansaly: “Translocality and language vitaliy” and

Katharina Fritsch: “‘T’es de quelle origine?’ – Embodying “Comorian diaspora“within popular cultural practices in Marseilles”

New research plattform “Mobile Cultures and Societies”

Our project is part of the newly established research plattform “Mobile Cultures and Societies. Interdisciplinary Studies on Transnational Formations” which aims at a dialogue between approaches from the humanities and social sciences on the issue of mobility in a broader sense. Please have a look at its website for more information on participants, projects and events of the platform.